We believe that sustainable business growth should have a positive social and environmental impact. Therefore, a process of participative accomplishment has been developed to pioneer the “Ubon Model” project as a sustainable procedure to encourage farmers to produce quality raw materials for farming without chemicals. The price for organic agricultural products is guaranteed. 

Ubon Model is the partnership of farmers, government, and private sector in order to share production technology, marketing and promotion of factors that support farmers to “reduce costs and increase productivity”.

The project includes the soil preparation techniques, the invention of new technologies for cultivation and harvesting as well as the development of techniques to increase productivity. These will help enhance the production quality and increase the farmers’ incomes which will eventually create the sustainability of raw material circulation for the company as well. In 2019, Ubon Bio Ethanol Public Company Limited (UBE) and the Department of Agriculture has been awarded for their knowledge promotion and participative development work to cassava farmers for sustainable Cassava production (Ubon Model). We hope to further apply this model to sustainable coffee development.

“ Elevate local agricultural standard to the next level ”

Minimum Price Guarantee
We have formulated business strategies to promote and support local organic farming. UBA offers a guaranteed price that is higher than the price of conventional farming products for the farmers registered to sell us their organic products. This project reduces risks and uncertainties for both parties. Farmers can have access to credit terms and higher incomes, while the Company is assured to have sufficient raw materials for effective production management.

Organic and Healthy Lifestyle
Part of our happiness in life is good health. That’s why organic products can fulfill the needs of both farmers and consumers. Our location in Northeastern Thailand is Ubon Ratchathani, which have produced enough local food to feed the world. This part is also ranked as one of the best organic farming areas. With our initiatives and relentless efforts for development, we strive to make the organic farming community in Ubon Ratchathani the main driving mechanism that turns Thailand into the BIO HUB OF ASIA in 2023.

Organic Farming Learning Center
UBA, in collaboration with the community schools, has provided a training to children to equip them with knowledge and real experiences regarding organic farming. Our staff and model farmers pass on such knowledge to the children on various topics such as organic farming standards and soil preparation techniques in order to instill the concept of the “model” organic farming in the local children.


Our commitment is defined by the “United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”. “Ubon Bio Agriculture Company Limited” (UBA) has collaborated with government sector to promote local organic agriculture. We’ve encouraged the development of long-term farming system in terms of areas, local workers, and the policies to promote plantation, including rice, coffee, etc. 

We focus on nourishing organic soil to suit the locality with the concept of utilizing the solid waste from local agricultural production such as used coffee grounds or waste from tapioca starch and ethanol production. The wastes are studied and developed into soil stabilizer and fertilizer under the partnership with academic departments and the government as the microbial pesticides. 

Organic production not only enhances the supply chain’s quality of life and economy, but also reduces the journey to work away from family and protects the forests, farming resources and environment to achieve our goal of using waste to produce renewable energy in both present and future production processes for economic, social, and environmental sustainability to be passed on to the next generation.



Sun Tower Building A, 21 st Floor, Unit 2015 123 Vibhavadi-Rangsit Road, Chompon, Chatuchak, Bangkok, 10900 Thailand

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