Ubon Bio Agricultural Company Limited (UBA) give the importance to organic farming. We’ve been working with farmers in Thailand and Laos by providing knowledge and control quality closely. Arabica coffee which is grown in Chiangmai, located in the North of Thailand, supports rural community including the hill tribe people and contributes to forest preservation. Organic coffee is cultivated in the highlands with the elevation of 800-1200 m. Coffee is grown both in shaded areas and open areas in full sun.

Salavan, a paradise in the fertile forest. A large ​​organic coffee plantation in Salavan Province and Paksong District of Laos in the Bolaven Plateau, the source for volcanic soils, is a world-class coffee plantation that is rich in the essential minerals that the coffee plants need.

It is located at an altitude of 950-1,300 meters above sea level, a height suitable for coffee beans to keep sufficient sweetness.
Bolaven Plateau, a fertile volcanic land full of minerals from volcanic ash helps bring out the quality along with the unique flavor and aroma in the coffee perfectly.
Our coffee receives the international organic certification from various countries.
You can drink our coffee with confidence.
Consistent quality from pure nature, cool weather and pollution-free all year long.

We also offer good quality coffee from all over the world for coffee drinkers to enjoy.


The differences between seasons are just like the moods when you have a cup of coffee. Let ‘SEASON Roasted Coffee’, a new choice for coffee lovers, define your mood. We select premium quality coffee beans, both organic and conventional to create a unique coffee blend so that you can enjoy your favorite coffee no matter your mood is.



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